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October 2012
Forty-ninth update - I come with gifts

I have the latest chapter of Tiger and the Raven all done. As done as it's going to get at this point, anyway. It was a long process this time. I wrote it, then chopped some off and put in something new. Then re-wrote that and added something else and.... Well, I'm aaall done now. ^^; Chapter 30, up here and on Lj/Dw.

I also, after realizing I've totally forgot to announce it here, have Raven and the Wolf in paperback on lulu.com. It was cool getting the proof/beta version in my mail. I admit, I petted it for a bit. ;oP

I'm off to Yaoi-con now, my sweeties, so if any of you happen to be there and happen to catch sight of me wandering around pleased to be come say hallo? I won't be wearing anything special (I'm shy that way) but the badge will say Moonriddler Mim. Though you might have to use a pair of binoculars to catch that. Lol! If you're going, make sure to have fun! ^_^

Well, that's it for now. Please leave me comments if you have any, and thank you so much for reading! ^_^
Mim and the muses

June 2012
The writing process, and Q&A

Plodding away at the next chapter of TatR has me thinking a lot about Will and Kell. Also, coming across a post by one of my favourite authors where she says writing sex scenes is like peeking at something private made me think about how I approach, not only the sex in the stories, but the characters themselves.

For me the sex is almost always what comes first. With it, and during it, the characters are literally naked and reveals who they are, as individuals and to each other, and not the least to me.

Pleased to be reading the rest of this post at Lj or Dw. I've cut it for the spoilers that pop up. ^_^

You're all welcome to read and comment!
Mim and the muses

May 2012
FYI: Yaoicon and 100 books sold!

To all those who've read and enjoyed Raven and the Wolf, a big thank you! I'm now the happy and proud writer person with just over one hundred books sold. O___O I never thought that would happen when I started writing it, but it feels awesome. Sure, 100 books might not be that big a deal for a lot of people, but in my little corner of the world it's huge. And awesome!

And cause for celebration, not the least. Which means you can help me by pimping this coupon which gives you 50% off! The coupon is valid until May 14. Enter this code EZ78J before check-out (NB: please let me know if I've screwed it up. I've managed to do that before... -_-;).

Aaaand, this lil writer person is also going to Yaoicon in October. I'm thinking I might, might, wear something one of the days to promote RatW or at least show who I am, but I'll let you know about that. I'm a bit shy after all. ^_^

Now back to your regular Sunday programming. Hope there's a lot of bishies! \^_^/

*hugs all*

May first, 2012
Forty-eigthth update

Chapter 29 of Tiger and the Raven is up. It's shortish and I hope it reads better than I felt it did when I looked it over this morning. ^_^; More author's notes over on Lj/dw if you're interested.

Next bits will have me flailing around for a bit, but I'm glad I have "directional notes" to lean on. *laughs*

Until next time!
/Mim and the muses

Ps. It's difficult to type with cuddly cat in my lap. Ds.

April, 2012
Forty-seventh update

Tiger and the Raven update, yay! ^_^ I've edited chapter 27 with some things I forgot about. Also, hope it reads okay, I'm not sure.... Hmmm. Aaand chapter 28 is also posted here, as well as on the Lj and Dw blogs. ^_^ The Drama! Hope you like it.

Just want to say thank you to all who leave comments or emails, it's such a wonderful thing to get. Thank you! ^_^

Until next time!
/Mim and the Muses

Mars, 2012
Forty-sixth update

I have a little bit of Once Upon a Time posted over on my Lj/Dw and also here on the site. Hope you like it. ;oP

If you want a pretty comprehensive list of most everything I've written you can find it at my Master List (Lj) or my Master List (Dw). ^_^

Hope you're having a awesome day!
/Mim and the Muses

February, 2012
Forty-fifth update: Tiger and the Raven

I have the next chapter. We're up to 27 now, and well over 180k words. Oh boy. O.o; As always, chapter is posted both on my Lj and here on the site. In addition I now also have a Dreamwidth account for those of you who prefer that. My username is the same as on Lj. ^^

I haven't been completely idle even is it looks that way over here. I'm fiddling with lots of fics at the same time, as I tend to do. I have a bunch of bits of a new couple posted at both DW and Lj. It's under reading lock for now, but I'm planning on posting it in its full version here or even as a free ebook on Smashwords, sometime in the future. More m/m for the masses!

Well, that's it for now. I hope you like the fic. Just be warned, I'm my own beta and editor, for now. ^^
/Mim and the Muses

September, 2011
Another review!

RatW got another wondeful(lj) review(smashwords)! ^_^ I'm all wibbly again!

Meanwhile I'm neck deep in work, but am fiddling with both the RatW sequel and the next chapter of TatR. I'm thinking it's Will's reluctance to be scolded that's making it so hard to get through.... ^^;

Hope you're having a good day, everyone!
/Mim and the Muses

August, 2011

Go read a lovely review on my Raven and the Wolf! ^_^

*bounce bounce*
/Mim and the Muses

August, 2011
Forty-forth update.

I have fiddled a bit with the site and moved all of the Raven and the Wolf info to one page, under Writings. There is also a new side story posted there and on my Lj. Go have a read, but there are spoilers for the book. ^_^

If you have read the book I would be very happy if you posted a review or comment at the site where you purchased it, or on Goodreads. Comments feeds the Muses! ^_~

Thank you and until next time!
/Mim and the Muses

July, 2011
Forty-third update.

I have the next bit of TatR. Not as polished or as tight as I would like it to be, but that's the way it is. Hm. Also on my lj here.

I've started writing the sequel for Raven and the Wolf, in between everything else. I'm quite enjoying it. ^_^

Aaand FYI, part two!

Raven and the Wolf is now available from these places: Apple iTunes, Diesel e-books, and Barnes and Noble.

That kinda freaks me out a bit. ^_^ More places will come in future, thanks to Smashwords distribution. Yay.

Also, be sure to go here and read Sirius' review for my Raven on Jessewave reviews. ^_^

Until next time!
/Mim and the Muses

June, 2011

Top2bottom reviews have reviewed my Raven and the Wolf!

Eeeeeep!! *flails* They gave a very nice review. Bah, that sounds really lame to say. ^^; They gave it 5 out of 5 kisses. I'm all aflutter now!

Go see for yourself!! There's a giveaway in the works too, and an interview with yours truly (hope I don't sound too daft). *hides*

PIMP ME! \^__^/

Until next time!
/Mim and the Muses

May, 2011
Forty-second update.

If you missed it I just published my Raven and the Wolf story over on smashwords. ^_^

This link here takes you to a short side story that takes place during the book. I recommend you read the book first, unless you want spoilers.

See my previous update info below for the discount code and links to the book!!

Next time I hope to have more Tiger and the Raven for you.

Till then!
/Mim and the Muses

May, 2011
Forty-first update. Sort of. ^_^

Have you noticed I've been talking about "the Story" off and on (mostly on lj)? Well, I've gone and done it now, published it via smashwords.com.

If you're at all interested you can find it here. Even if you don't want to buy it, please help a lil' author and spread the word? ^_^ If you buy it, here's a coupon code for 30% off (expires July 1, 2011) : DD65S. Enter it before check-out.

I'm plodding away at the next chapter of TatR, meanwhile. Kell is still down, Will is still out, and boy is there angst. ;oP

Until next time!
Hugs and much love!
/Mim and the Muuuuuses - now with added companions!

April, 2011
Fortieth update

The next chapter of Tiger and the Raven. Can you believe it? ^__^ Poor Kell is having issues. As am I, come to that. Please, read the author's note at the top of the lj post, yes? (Or not. ;oP)

Also poted on my lj, if you want to read it there.

Hope you've had a good Spring Holiday!

Thank you for reading!
/Mim and the Muses

January, 2011
Peace offering?

Just a little link to a one-shot I posted on my livejournal after last year's trip to Yaoi con. Jones.

Also want to say Thank You Thank You Thank You to all who leave me comments, in the guestbook, on lj, or in email. I feel sooo spoiled and caught my reflection in the mirror after reading them last time. Boy, that was such a silly!stoopid grin. I'm so easy. ;oP

I want to make a promise, that soon I will update TatR, now that the most recent editing chaos of The Book is over with. And I really want to keep to this promise. Spank me if I don't, yes? ^_^;

Till next time! *glomps*
/Mim and the Muses

December, 2010
Not really an update

Wow. A year since I told you about that "Book" I'm working on. That is still on-going. Darn my full time job. ^^;

Though, if you want other stuff to read you can go to my livejournal post about original fics I reced. ^_^

What I wanted to say now is that I joined goodreads.com as a "private" person, adding books and looking around. I had the stupid idea to search for Tiger and the Raven. Imagine my small heart attack when this pops up. I don't even know what to say. O.O

Other than, thank you, whoever you are who posted that. I think it's one of the best compliments and Christmas gifts I've ever had. *speechless*

To all of you who've been visiting this site, once, twice, or forever. Thank you for reading about my boys. I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Great New Year!

/Mim and all the Muses!

September, 2010
Thirty-ninth update

I can't believe it's been this long since my last update here! *shocked*

To be honest I've had lots of writing done since December, not least of it a novel length story that I would like to see published one way or another some day. ^^

And certainly this update will have something in it besides me rambling. I wrote another chapter of Tiger and the Raven, that is, the first chapter of the second book/arc, in which Kell struggles a bit. *pets him*

I've also put titles to the arcs, which you'll see on the TatR page *hint nudge* ^_~

Well, other than that, if you want to come over to lj and read/comment there, the link to my Master list is in the previous update. So far at least one of you have found your way over. Cool.

For now that's all! Hope you enjoy it!
/Mim and the muses


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